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12 Best Razors For Women From Flamingo, Billie, More, Per Reviews

Jun 30, 2023

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These are all a cut above the rest.

When it comes to hair removal, most turn to that tried and true at-home option—the razor. And these days, whether you're looking for a disposable, an electric razor, or a moisturizing one, you've got plenty of options to choose from.

Because of that, it can be difficult to know which razors for women are best for *actually* leaving your skin silky and smooth without causing irritation or ingrown hairs.

See some of the best razors below:

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Lauren Ploch, MD, recommends finding a razor that works with your skin type, which might require a little trial and error. "Most of the razors on the market are designed with a specific purpose in mind," she says.

Whether it's snowing or hot enough to melt an ice cube, smooth skin is always in if you want it to be. So if your current shave routine is getting a little hairy, find the 12 best razors for women that will give you a cut above the rest, according to customer reviews.

You can leave the shaving cream off your shopping list with these Gillette Venus razors. Each three-blade head is surrounded by lightly-scented body butter so it glides more than nicks. That means you'll get oh-so-nice and smooth results every time.

Rave Review: "They are so nice to use. I have very sensitive skin, so I’m careful on what razors I use and I love these. They are very moisturizing and easy to use. Will buy again."

The five blades of the Athena razor are designed to adjust to your body's natural contours, while the moisturizing hyaluronic acid serum strip helps prevent bumps and irritation along the way. The starter kit also includes two cartridges and a magnetic storage hook. A subscription-based model, you choose how frequently you want razor refills delivered to your door, so you can avoid those last-min drugstore runs.

Rave Review: "This razor is awesome. Gives the best shave without worrying about nicking or cutting yourself with a brand new razor. Head design is perfect for shaving all areas."

Flexibility to get those hard-to-reach places is a must when it comes to a razor, and Flamingo's version is designed to do just that. Its five sharp blades are mounted on a hinge that adjusts to your curves. Plus, each cartridge is surrounded by aloe and shea butter to help prevent irritation and razor burn.

Rave Review: "Nice multi-blade razor. It has a weighted handle with handy holder to keep off surfaces of shower or tub. A++++"

Bumps on the bikini line? Not with this razor. The patented design helps blades trim hair without getting too close to those oh-so-sensitive areas. It's also slightly smaller than a normal razor to fit into tricky contours and has a trimming blade on the back for any touch-ups.

Rave Review: "Nice clean trim (almost hairless) and I’ve been able to give up waxing completely with this. Huge money saver!"

Gone are the days when using a disposable razor meant signing up for nicks and gashes up and down your legs. With a contoured handle, the Bic Soleil features a triple-blade razor that gets a smoother shave than other disposable options, thanks to its moisturizing strip.

And at just over $10 for a pack of eight, you can stash one in your gym bag, suitcase, or swim bag for whenever you need a quick shave.

Rave Review: "These are perfect to toss in for travel. They aren't as nice as razors that have a head that pivots, but they still work well enough to get a close shave. The handle is designed well and comfortable to hold. I wouldn't use these for everyday, but they have worked great as disposable razors on the go."

Say bye to all those pesky hairs that pop up on your face. Schick's Hydro Silk dermaplaning wand is made with an exfoliating blade that removes fine hair and dead skin off of your face. This helps it better absorb moisturizers and makes makeup go on more smoothly. As a bonus, the wand comes with six refill blades.

Rave Review: "I love this product as it is easy to use, gets rid of all of the little hairs on my face, and leaves my skin looking amazing. I recommended it to my sisters and they love it too!"

If you never thought you'd describe a razor as glamorous, you've never seen Maapilim's option. The Tel Aviv-based company's safety razor is double-edged, weighted, and designed to prevent bumps and other irritation. It's wrapped in a beautiful rose gold coating you'll proudly love showing off in your bathroom.

Rave Review: "This is my first ever safety razor, and it's very intuitive and easy to use! A great close shave!"

There's more to cult-favorite Billie than just its fun, bright colors. Each starter kit comes with two replacement blades, each designed with moisturizing aloe to help you avoid razor burn. You can set refill blade packs to ship to you as frequently as needed, or you can pick up a new set of blades at major brick-and-mortar retailers in case you ever find yourself in a shaving emergency.

Rave Review: "I understand all of the hype behind these razors now. I have really sensitive skin and I get a really clean shave with these. I have also noticed that my razor burn has gotten better."

Able to tackle both wet and dry shaves, the Panasonic Electric Shaver gives you options. Plus, it's cordless, so once it's fully powered you can take it anywhere. Each charge is good for about 10 shaves.

Rave Review: "I am amazed and awestruck. I'm in love and I will kill any joker who comes between me and my razor. He/she will have to pry it from my dead hands!"

Shaving doesn't stop on vacation, especially if you're at a beach destination. The Venus Mini gives you the smooth shave you expect from its full-size companion. It even brings its own traveling case, so it's always ready to jet off on your next adventure.

Rave Review: "This razor is super cute and I love that it’s a smaller size and I can toss it in my travel bag with all my toiletries. It’s nice that it has a little case so that the razors are covered."

Think of the water-activated serum in the Schick Hyrdo blades as a little extra dollop of moisture just for your skin every time you shave. The five-blade razors are designed to smoothen skin with every stroke to prevent nicks and irritation. Plus, the razor is made with a stylish metal rose gold handle. What more could you ask for?

Rave Review: "OK, this is amazing. I didn't realize I needed it until I started using it. If you don't have a razor with a gel strip, GET THIS NOW. It makes it so much easier to shave your legs, since it glides like butter. I don't even have to use soap or shaving gel."

A weighted razor is designed so that you don't have to manually apply pressure to get a close shave. Since it's weighted, you just need to glide it across the skin, whereas with other razors you may feel like you gently have to press against the skin to get it to remove hair. With this one, just apply gel and then shave in light, short strokes to get close without the need to manually press on to your skin. Each Hanni razor is also plastic-free and coated to prevent rusting.

Rave Review: "I absolutely love this. I was hesitant at first, but this razor is THE ONE y’all. I’m telling you this razor has reduced my ingrowns. It's really worth it."

A proper shave starts with warm water (looking at all you dry shavers out there) and then an application of your fave gel or cream. Make your first pass on your skin move in the direction of hair growth (this especially applies to sensitive areas like your face or bikini line). Then, rinse your razor before continuing, explains Ploch.

Overall, you’re trying to minimize the number of passes you have to do with your razor. If you’re going over the same spot multiple times, the more likely your skin will be angry after. “Irritation is most often caused by shaving with a dull razor, using multiple passes, and shaving in the direction against hair growth,” says Dr. Ploch.

If you're ready for smooth skin that isn't angry the next day, there are a couple of features to keep in mind when you're perusing your local store or the online aisles of Amazon:

Number of blades

Surprisingly, more blades don't necessarily equal a better shave. "Multi-blade razors are designed to minimize how many passes someone needs to achieve a clean shave," explains Ploch. Her golden number is three, and she adds that five-blade razors may even leave you with more irritation and cuts.

Electric vs. traditional

Extra sensitive skin? Ploch recommends trying an electric razor. It may help ease some of your irritation, since they glide more easily over skin than blades that often scrape and can leave behind nicks and cuts.

Moisturizing strip

While it’s not hurting your shave, a moisturizing strip isn’t necessarily doing a lot to help it either. If you’re using a shave gel or cream already, most of the moisturizing action will come from that. So, don't feel like you need to break the bank on razors that charge more for a moisturizing strip.

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