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The Best Shower Caps for All Hair Types

Jul 09, 2023

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No one wants to ruin their ’do every time they take a shower. If you don’t wash your hair every day and want to keep things looking fresh, a shower cap is a must. So we’ve rounded up some of our faves, from disposable to adjustable, that’ll help you step out of the bathroom with your strands looking just as good as when you hopped in. Scrub-a-dub-dub.

This one from HQ’r fave brand Kitsch has a secure silicone grip that’ll keep it in place and a front bow detail that’s so cute we wouldn’t blame ya if you kept it on around the house post-shower too. It’s available in six different patterns, and can be purchased individually or in packs of two or four. ($24+, Kitsch)

Because not every head is one-size-fits-all. These caps are designed with an adjustable string and two layers — a satin outer and an EVA plastic inner — that’ll keep your strands dry. They come in three-packs of assorted colors and patterns, so you’ll always have a backup if ya need one. ($10.99+, Amazon)

If you’re a real-life Rapunzel and you’ve had trouble finding a shower cap to fit all your locks, this one to the rescue. It’s got a head circumference of about 20 to 30 inches, and customers say it keeps all their hair secure and dry. Phew. ($7.99+, Amazon)

Take blowout protection to the next level with this three-layer shower cap. It’s got a satin outer layer, waterproof plastic middle, and terry inside to absorb any stray moisture. Customers say it keeps their hair completely dry without making them sweaty and stays on comfortably but securely. ($11.99+, Amazon)

Consider your blowouts here to stay thanks to this no-slip, water-repellent cap. It’s got a turban-like fit, with ruching at the front, and a silicone inner grip so strong you can even go swimming while wearing it. Serious about your hair care routine? We rec snagging one for your weekly shampoo skips and another for your special treatments like overnight masking and moisturizing. ($43, Saks Fifth Avenue)

This seemingly never-ending supply will have you covered for all your showering, bleaching, and masking needs. These also come in handy for cleaning, covering shoes, or keeping a (cooperative) dog’s ears covered during bath time. They’re available in two sizes and made with a plastic that won’t tear during your shower. ($6.99+, Amazon)

Your salon-fresh look needs to last, and for under $10, it can. These shower caps come in three different sizes, so any style and amount of hair you’re workin’ with can survive the steam. They’ve got a satin-like outer and an EVA plastic inner layer that’s both comfy and breathable. Lookin’ good. ($8.86+, Amazon)

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