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Coronavirus on Shoes? These Shoe Covers Keep Germs Out of the House

Jul 26, 2023

By RS Editors

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If you’re a “shoes on at home” kind of person, you may already have a favorite pair of slippers or indoor shoes that you slide into once you’re past the front door. For everyone else, it may be time to start using shoe covers.

The best shoe covers let you keep your shoes on, without soiling your floors and carpets with mud, dirt or dust that you’ve tracked from outside. Common germs and bacteria can also live on your footwear, and these shoe covers help keep microbes from coming into contact with your furniture and floors.

Often used on photoshoot sets or by construction workers and painters who don’t want to scuff up a home, disposable shoe covers are also found in many hospitals these days, as doctors and nurses find ways to avoid contaminating their space.

Also known as “booties,” the best disposable shoe covers are all made from strong, durable materials (think industrial-grade plastic or a watertight polyurethane) and are designed to be tear-proof, dust-proof and waterproof. The newest shoe covers fit everything from sneakers to boots, and offer protection while still remaining breathable and lightweight — you won’t even feel them on your feet. A grippy, textured sole keeps you firmly planted and slip-free.

Unlike actual shoes, which have annoying laces or straps, the best shoe covers slide on easily, with a flexible elastic band that wraps around your sneakers or boots. They’re kind of like a shower cap, but for your feet. Keep in mind, these shoe covers and booties only cover your shoes and feet — they aren’t designed to wrap around or cover your ankles and legs. Still, the best shoe covers will keep all the germs and gunk on your shoe trapped in its trough, so it stays off surfaces in your space. Keep them on your shoes until you’re ready to head outside again, then simply toss the disposable booties in the trash.

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular shoe covers that are safe to use on all surfaces, from hardwood to tile to expensive carpets and rugs. We’ve found a well-made reusable pair too — just make sure you’re tossing them in the wash after each use, to prevent any spreading of germs.

If you’re tired of people who enter your house with dirty, muddy shoes, or want to keep dangerous bacteria from tracking into your space, pick up a box of disposable shoe covers, to make sure you’re putting your safest foot forward.

If you’re looking for a reliable pair of shoe covers, you’ll want to reach for these ones, from OGUNUOKI.

The covers are made from a super thick, industrial-grade material, that won’t rip or tear. The material is waterproof, dust-proof and slip-resistant, yet still flexible enough to let you walk and move normally. OGUNUOKI says a special “anti-skid” coating makes sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground.

These shoe covers come rolled and bundled. Unroll and stretch out the elastic slightly to slip your shoes into the covers. Adjust the band to make sure the covers wrap entirely around your shoes.

This set gets you 100 disposable shoe covers (50 pairs).

PROS: Thick, durable material.

CONS: One size fits most, but these shoe covers are generally sized for people with size 12 feet and smaller.

Buy OGUNUOKI Disposable Shoe Covers $8.57

These disposable covers are ISO-certified, for quality manufacturing practices and materials. The covers are made from a durable chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) fabric that’s tightly woven for thickness and durability. The material is highly-breathable, non-toxic, latex-free, and recyclable.

An elastic ankle band makes it easy to take these on and off. An anti-skid coating on the sole prevents accidental slips and falls.

This set gets you 100 disposable shoe covers (50 pairs).

PROS: Made from a non-toxic and odorless Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) material. Shoe covers are 100% recyclable.

CONS: The material features a tight weave which is great for durability, but may let some water in. Other shoe covers on our list may be better for water-resistance.

Made in the USA, these shoe covers were originally designed for construction workers and contractors, but they’re now available for everyday use as well.

If you want a reusable option, these shoe covers are made from a special rubberized fabric that’s machine-washable and long-lasting.

The material itself is thick and durable, coated with polyurethane (the same stuff they make tarps and windbreakers from) for water resistance.

Unlike the other options on our list, the soles of these covers are made with a different material than the uppers. The soles feature a rubbery material and tiny rounded bumps to provide a more secure grip.

Five different sizes are available (small to XXL). You’ll want to size down for a snug fit, to ensure the covers stay on your footwear of choice.

PROS: Reusable. More premium look and feel.

CONS: Only one pair per pack.

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