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'They Took My Tonsils': Woman Under Anesthesia Has Hilarious Reaction to Surgery

Aug 11, 2023

A Utah woman is going viral after having a hilarious reaction while under anesthesia during a tonsillectomy.

Footage taken by Shani Jensen shows her daughter Skye recovering in a hospital bed after the procedure.

Skye is aggrieved by the nurses not letting her see her tonsils, and by her mom for allowing the nurses to throw out the disposable cap she wore, which she calls “her hat”.

“They keep taking my stuff here. They took my tonsils, they took my hat!" Skye says in the video while in tears on a Facetime call.

“It’s going to be OK though because I got a new one … When I put it on I just feel much better,” she adds while putting on a new disposable cap.

During her Facetime call, Skye dismisses her mom’s advice not to post anything online while under anesthesia as it could be embarrassing, saying: “What’s embarrassing about being a warrior, Mom? She doesn’t get it.”

Skye then recalls an awkward moment she had with the nurses before the surgery.

“I forgot to wear underwear here … I forgot, and they said: ‘You can take everything else off but leave your underwear.’ I said: ‘I’m not wearing any!’” Credit: Shani Jensen via Storyful

- I'm sad because they wouldn't let me see them, my tonsils.

- Oh, yeah, they-- they're not allowed to.

- They said they just throw them away.

- Yeah, they're not allowed to give it to people.

- And I had a friend in there. And she didn't wake up soon enough for me to talk to her.

- Oh. Aw.

- And I wanted to talk to her really bad. [CRYING]

- What's her name?

- I don't know. She just came in.

- Oh, OK.

- And I thought we would be friends. But she honestly didn't wake up early enough. And I had to leave.

- Aw.

- Oh, yeah, where'd my hat go?


Where did my hat go?

- Do you want a hat to keep for home?

- No. It's really ugly.


But I really wanted it right now. And they had-- they took it from me.

- Yeah, they took it off 'cuz most people don't like it.

- But they took it, and they took my tonsils.

- Yeah. That's what you came here for, to give 'em--

- But I--

- --your tonsils.

- I didn't come here for them to take my hat.

- Oh, the hat is something you liked.

- What's the matter?

- They took my hat.

- I know. They're gonna bring you another one.

- I just don't know if I can trust them now.

- You can.

- Who did it? Who took it?

- You don't need it. Remember, you didn't like it in the first place.

- And you don't know that.

- No.

- I was really, really scared. I cried a lot. I cried a lot. [CRYING]

- It's OK.

- I hate this hat now. It wasn't even on my head. [CRYING] It was just sitting on top.

- Well, why don't we just keep it, just in case you want it again?

- Yeah, well, I'm gonna want it when I'm at home.

- Yeah, you will.

- And I might wanna wear it daily and stuff. [CRYING]

- You might.

- I need to seriously-- I have some business I need to attend to.

- You have something to attend to?

- Business.


You don't understand. It's business. And I went in there, and they put this oxygen mask on me. And it stunk really bad. And I told them. I said, that stinks. And they-- then I fell asleep. And it was, like, (WHISPERING) craziest thing ever.

And I fell asleep, and I woke up. And they played some songs. I asked 'em to play "Hollywood" by Kodak Black. And they said no, though, because it had swear words.

- Listen, Skye, your video shouldn't be too long, or you won't be able to send it.

- And my mom's pissing me off right now, bad, because she wouldn't give me my phone. And then she said I shouldn't post anything because it could be embarrassing. I said, what's embarrassing about being a warrior, mom? She doesn't get it.


- I know I'm mad at you.

- Why?

- Because I tried to call you, and they took my hat.

- They took your hat?

- They gave me a new one, but they took this one.

- OK. But it's gonna be OK, don't you think?

- (WHISPERING) I forgot to wear underwear here.


I forgot. And they said, you can leave your-- you can take everything else off, but leave your underwear. I said, I'm not wearing any.


- Who's with you right now?

- My mom. You know her.


- Remember you said you were happy?

- Mom, times change.

- So do you think you should let Sage go? And then maybe you can put your phone down and just drink. The more you drink, you can go home quicker.

- I'm trying not to be mad at Mom right now, but I am.


'Cuz she just keeps saying some stuff that I just cannot get behind.


She keeps just saying some stuff. And I'm like, stop it! Mom?

- What?

- I just-- I'm sorry, but I can't get behind that.

- That's OK. I know that you love me.

- I do. But I'm not gonna lie. I'm mad at you.


- Because you keep just saying all this stuff.

- Like what?

- Like when they took my hat, and you said that I didn't need it anymore.

- Look, you got it.

- This is not the one I originally had. They keep taking my stuff here.


- They took my tonsils, and they took my hat. It's gonna be OK, though, because I got a new one.

- Yeah, you did.

- I know. Oh. Well, I felt-- when I put it on, I just feel much better.

- [LAUGHS] You should. You look much better.

- [LAUGHS] Shut up.