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Wingback Fountain Pen review

Aug 19, 2023

CROWDFUNDING REVIEW – If it’s not multi-tools, knives, or wallets, then it’s pens that are another mandatory part of everyone’s EDC. Today I want to show you the Wingback fountain pen which is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Let’s take a look.

The Wingback Fountain Pen is a hand-crafted CNC machined fountain pen from the London-based design studio that is known for its machined stationery items like the Wingback pen that I reviewed back in 2019.

About WingbackWingback is an award-winning design studio, founded in 2014 and based in the heart of London.Adhering to the principles of “less but better”, we stand for an alternative to mass production anddisposable culture. Everything we make is a celebration of functional design, exceptional materialsand British manufacturing –– resulting in products that remain a pleasure to use, that improve withage and become cherished items passed down through generations.

The Wingback fountain pen is available in 303 stainless steel, raw brass, grade 5 titanium, or tungsten carbide-coated black steel. I was sent the 303 stainless steel version of the pen.

You can personalize the Wingback fountain pen with engraved initials or a unique phrase of up to 50 characters. You also have a choice of extra fine, fine, medium, or bold nib point size.

The Wingback fountain pen has a diamond knurled grip and features a screw cap that posts on the back of the pen.

You’ll definitely want to post the cap on the back of the pen because it will easily roll away and off a desk if you don’t pay attention. The pen itself will do the same thing. I think there needs to be an option to add a pocket clip of some type but that would take away from the streamlined look of this fountain pen.

When the cap is removed, it reveals an o76 mono iridium nib from Germany’s Peter Bock.

An O-ring makes sure that when capped, the Wingback fountain pen is airtight so your favorite ink won’t dry up.

To refill the fountain pen, the handle unscrews to reveal a standard ink cartridge. The pen’s ink chamber can also be converted into a reservoir.

With the cap posted or unposted, the Wingback fountain pen is well-balanced and the nib feels really smooth to write with. The stainless steel version reviewed here weighs in at 1.38oz/39g.

If you are a pen person who enjoys choosing your own inks, then a fountain pen is something you want to have in your EDC and the Wingback fountain pen is a keeper. It is very well made and it looks as good as it writes.

The Wingback campaign ends on 10/05/23 and they working towards their funding goal of $2,544. You can pre-order a Wingback fountain pen starting at $82. After the Wingback campaign ends, rewards are estimated to start shipping in January 2024. Visit their Kickstarter for all the details.


Where to buy: KickstarterSource: The sample for this review was provided by Wingback.

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