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Face Mask Guidelines

Sep 30, 2023

Please check this page for the latest masking updates before your arrival at any of our clinics and hospitals.

UC San Diego Health has updated its masking protocols for patients and visitors in accordance with the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

Current tier: GREEN (masks not required for most patients and visitors)

For patients and visitors: Our masking policy is based on the prevalence of respiratory illness — low, medium or high — reported across our organization and facilities.

Please note we still require masks for some patients and visitors:

We strongly recommend that you continue masking in our facilities if you are at high risk of complications from respiratory illnesses because of underlying conditions.

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A surgical mask, also called a medical procedure mask, is a disposable mask that filters out large particles in the air.

KN95 and N95 filtering masks are a type of respirator. They offer more protection because when you inhale, they can filter out both small and large particles. These masks provide a higher level of protection than cloth or surgical masks.

Cloth masks, made from tightly woven, breathable fabric, need to have multiple layers to increase protection.

Read CDC guidelines about different types of masks and improve how your mask protects you.

For the latest information on wearing face masks, please see guidance from San Diego County and the California Department of Public Health.

If this happens, pull on the bottom of the mask; do not put your fingers by your eyes to move it down. Always wash or sanitize your hands before placing your hands close to your eyes.

Learn How to Wear Masks Correctly

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